Our Journey In Prayer As the Beloved

by Fr. Redcay 

These monthly themes are meant to guide your personal reflection and quiet time with the Father, deepening your understanding and embracing the Love the Father has for you.


Children have a spontaneous trust in their parents.
There are no obstacles. The Father’s love for us is unconditional and His Providence is ever-present. Are we willing to trust in the Father’s Providence in our lives? Do we unreservedly trust in that Providence? Do we look at God with eyes of trusting love?


Have you ever seen the face of a child in sheer amazement; with eyes wide open and a smile to light the world?
Do we ever take the time to see God’s magnificence in our lives? Am I willing to acknowledge that alone I can do nothing, that the Father provides all I need? Can I allow myself to approach the Father in awe and wonder?


Hear the words of God the Father: “You have nothing to fear, I am with you.”
Often we can walk through life filled with fear, feeling we walk through life alone. Yet the Father reminds us of His presence, always. Can I share with the Father all that brings me fear and be confident in His Providential Love in my life?


We’ve all seen a father hold his newborn child. In his hands he cradles the child with gentleness, silence, and love.
If we were to look into his heart, we would probably see it overflowing with joy and gratitude. Imagine God the Father holding you in the palm of His hands. Do you realize that He lifts you in gentleness and with love? His heart pours forth joy.