Feed the hungry; give the thirsty drink.

St. Patrick’s Outreach Committee coordinates a monthly meal to be served by our volunteers at Mother Teresa’s Soup Kitchen.

Usually conducted on the last Wednesday of the month, requests for specific foods to prepare are listed in the bulletin.

New volunteers are always welcome. In addition to serving a monthly meal, we deliver donations on a regular basis as there is a constant need for dishwashing liquid and cleanser, cooking oil, rice, cereal, dried beans, sugar, salt and pepper, paper towels, paper napkins and diapers.

This group has been serving the soup kitchen for over 25 years. Once a month, the meal is prepared and served to people experiencing hunger and homeless at the soup kitchen in Norristown. A notice is placed in the church bulletin each month with the date/time of service and a list of requested supplies needed by the Missionaries of Charity. The Sisters use these supplies at the soup kitchen and also distribute much of them to the people in need in the Norristown area. Anyone who would like to supply the ingredients for a meal would be very welcome. The Sisters also have a women’s shelter for 17 homeless women.

Please see the weekly Bulletin for our next upcoming date.

For more information, contact Marge Fromnic at 610-644-1569, margefromnic@verizon.net  or Ann Souder at 610-389-0667, souderannag@aol.com.