Friends of Jesus, friends of St. Patrick Parish.

Our parish continues to reach out to our dear friends in Honduras. The Amigos de Jesús orphanage, based in Malvern, takes in abandoned, abused and impoverished children and instills within them values and behavior of Jesus Christ.

Father Dennis O’Donnell, president of the orphanage, is a beloved priest who is deeply connected to our parish. Over his many years of service to Honduras and to St. Patrick, he has made us acutely aware of the beauty and life at work in the orphanage. Though distance separates us from the children, we are one with them in spirit and support them wholeheartedly, confident in the transformative force that our support has on their lives.

Children at Amigos de JesusMuch greater than our financial contributions to Amigos de Jesús are the beautiful effects that the children continue to have on us. In supporting their spiritual, physical and intellectual formation and maturation, we have been greatly altered by Jesus Christ, alive within each and every one of them. It is said, “Whoever receives a child like this in my name receives me” (Mark 9:37).

In addition to the 50 children at the orphanage in Santa Barbara, Honduras, Amigos de Jesús also contributes to the care of children throughout Honduras, Guyana, Tanzania and Haiti.

Amigos de Jesus VolunteersOpportunities for support include financial and stock donations, sponsorship of a child and equally important, prayer. Inspired by the children, some parishioners have even chosen to make themselves physically presence in Honduras, traveling back with Father O’Donnell.

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