Extend the Love of Jesus to every member of our St. Patrick community.

We are proud of our hospitality and generosity as a parish community. It is up to us, the members of St. Patrick Parish, to ensure that every one of our fellow parishioners feels welcomed and embraced.

Through our internal outreach programs, we ensure that our entire parish community is actively allied and mutually supportive during some of life’s most difficult experiences.

Bereavement Committee

Extend sympathy and support to fellow parishioners who have lost a loved one.
Gain spiritual strength and peace by speaking to fellow parishioners who share your experience.

Hospital and Nursing Home Ministry

Bring the joy of Christ to parishioners who are sick or infirmed in hospitals and nursing homes.

Homebound Parishioner Visitation

Ensure that no heart within our parish feels alone by visiting our homebound parishioners.