Share the joys of faith and motherhood.

Moms R.O.C.K. (Raising our Catholic Kids) is our recently formed group for mothers who would like to share faith, joys, and challenges of motherhood with other moms in our parish.

Moms R.O.C.K. meets monthly and has a monthly calendar of fun activities, park days and family events to accommodate everyone’s schedule.  They also plan regular adult social nights. Children are welcome and love to come meet friends and play with the toys from our toy box.

If you work, have school-age children, or these meetings don’t work for your schedule, we still want to include you and keep you informed of parish activities that may interest you and your families. We are now planning regular social nights as well and encourage you to join us to connect with other mothers in our St. Patrick Parish community!

For more information or to be included on an email list to keep you informed, please contact Hillary Donaghy at