Volunteer During the Year of Mercy!

Discover the many ways you can help bring our Jubilee Year of Mercy events to life.

We invite you to participate in the Jubilee Year of Mercy as a volunteer, responding to God’s call to bring others to experience His Mercy. With the help of our parishioner volunteers, our Jubilee events will surely be a great success. There are many different areas in which you can become involved.

Our parish volunteers are an essential part of bringing our Jubilee Year of Mercy events and initiatives to life. Volunteers are invited to serve in the following ways:

Give of Your Time & Talent

Volunteer on one of our planning committees or participate as an worship, service, or social event volunteer. As a volunteer, your unique gifts and talents will help shape our Jubilee Year of Mercy, and extend Christ’s Mercy to every member of our parish community.

Donate Resources

Help support our many events by donating supplies or services. Do you have the unique ability to provide goods or services that could benefit this year’s events? Contact our parish office to find out how you can help.

Join a Clean-up Crew

In addition to the support of our planning committees, we rely on the dedicated efforts of our clean-up crews, which will restore the parish facilities to perfect condition following our Jubilee events. Clean-up crew members will be needed in the hours directly following each parish event.

Attend Jubilee Events

Equally important to our thriving parish community are the members who participate by attending our worship, service and social events. Our parish family is dynamic and alive with Christ’s Mercy, and we pray that each event will inspire you to share that gift of mercy throughout this Jubilee year.

Pray for Our Parish

This year marks a special time for our parish, a momentous opportunity during which we will strive to be for merciful as Our Father is merciful. As we reflect on His many blessings, let us pray that our hearts will be opened and inspired to respond to this call.

Contact our parish office at 610-647-2345 to find the right volunteer opportunity for you.