Embody Mercy in the flesh through the Corporal Works of Mercy.

The Corporal Works of Mercy are acts of kindness through which we aim to serve others in satisfying their material and physical needs.

Through the Corporal Works of Mercy, we are asked to respond to God’s call to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. May we embrace others in outreach and be living reflections of Christ’s mercy to others.

Pope John Paul II said, “Jesus Christ taught that man not only receives and experiences the mercy of God, but that he is also called “to practice mercy” towards others.

Feed the Hungry & Give Drink to the Thirsty

  • Participate in a food drive, collecting and donating items
  • Volunteer food pantries or soup kitchens that feed the hungry
  • Educate yourself about world hunger
  • Avoid wasting food and water

Clothe the Naked

  • Go through your drawers and closets and find good-condition clothes and shoes to donate
  • Participate in programs that provide towels and linens for hospitals in distressed areas
  • Volunteer to work at a clothing drive or shelter where clothing is distributed

Shelter the Homeless

  • Help neighbors care for their homes and do repairs
  • Support and/or volunteer at a homeless shelter
  • Support and/or volunteer for organizations who care for the homeless, build homes, or provide support in the wake of natural disasters
  • Invite a friend without family to join your family for dinner or holiday meals

Visit the Sick

  • Spend quality time with those who are sick or homebound
  • Take the time to call, send a card or an e-mail to someone who is sick
  • Assist those who are full-time caregivers for family members
  • Cook and deliver meals to the sick and homebound

Visit the Imprisoned

  • Support and/or participate in ministries to those who are incarcerated
  • Pray for the families of inmates
  • Support programs that provide holiday gifts to prisoners and their families

Bury the Dead

  • Be faithful about attending wakes/visitation
  • Visit the grave of friends or relatives that are deceased
  • Support ministries that offer free Christian burials to those unable to afford one
  • Offer daily prayers for those with terminal illnesses and for those who have died
  • Send Mass cards to families of those who have died

Source: http://www.oratoryschools.org/memos/January2015/Practical-Suggestions.pdf