Irish Festival

St. Patrick Irish Festival – Saturday, October 14

In order to submit accurate numbers to the caterer ticket sales will close on October 6th.

Register and Volunteer

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How many people are in your party?


In order to pull off this party we need some volunteers.

We are looking for the following:
(Check the bottom of the form to see what people have already volunteered to do.)

  • 10 people to help set up on October 13th
  • 10 people to clean up after the event.
  • 10 people to breakdown on October 15th.
  • 16 cases of water bottles
  • 8 cases of soda
Are you willing to volunteer?

Before hitting "Submit" please make a note of the total cost of your tickets.

Note that we are capping the cost to families at $100.  

First Name of VolunteerVolunteer OpportunityFirst Name of VolunteerVolunteer Opportunity
Charleen gledhillDonate a Case of Water
Kathryn and Paul SlaatsDonate a Case of Water
EricaDonate a Case of Water
Erica SaviniDonate a Case of Water
KristenDonate a Case of Water
LouiseDonate a Case of Water
SharonSetup on October 13th
Chris & Diane NevilleDonate a Case of Water
FranSetup on October 13thTear Down October 15th
LisaSetup on October 13th
Donate a Case of Water
Luke DyndalDonate a Case of Water
RachelDonate a Case of Soda
BethDonate a Case of Soda