Join a Christmas Book Discussion Group

Groups will meet for 4 weeks starting the week of January 19th.

This Christmas we gave away a book by Teresa Tomeo called Beyond Sunday. It’s a great read that explores the benefits of integrating our faith into everyday life. It’s easy to compartmentalize our faith to just Sundays, but this book shares Teresa’s own experience of discovering the tools and insights our faith offers to us throughout the whole week.

It’s helpful to process these ideas with others and we’ve set up five opportunities throughout the week to meet with other parishioners and talk about the challenges and the encouragements you have found in the book.

Click the link below that coressponds to your preferred group to send us an email. Please include your name and let us know if you’re bringing a friend or family member.

Sundays 4PM

Tuesdays 7PM

Wednesdays 10AM

Thursdays 10AM

Thursdays 7PM