Dday Memorial

80th Anniversary of D-Day

June 6th will mark the 80th Anniversary of the invasion of Normandy. The operation allowed the Allied forces to gain a foothold in mainland Europe and eventually free the continent from Nazi forces. Approximately 4,000 soldiers died carrying out Operation Overlord. This year, on June 6 at the 9:00AM Daily Mass, we will remember all those who served and especially those who died on that day. If you have a relative or loved one who served you are invited to submit their name below for inclusion in this memorial.

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Name to be Remembered

Here is the current list of those to be remembered.

Name to be Remembered
Edward A. Flanigan Jr. (US Army)
Charles Simpson, USN
Charles Simpson
Charles Simpson
Joseph Grant
Frank Duffy
Cosmo Carangi
John Carangi
Rocco Carangi
Harvey Pollack
Edward Farry
John Morris
Charles Madden
James Madden
Mark Madden
Anthony Mattia
Anthomy Mattia
John Tiernan
John Tiernan
James J Dilks Sr (US Army)
Eugene Boudette (U.S. Navy)
Clarence Lambert (U.S. Army)
Jane E. Bader
Albert J. Bader