Discover the many ways you can help bring our 100th Anniversary Events to life.

Our 100th Anniversary year of festivities will bring together all of our parishioners in faith and friendship. With the help of our parishioner volunteers, we can ensure that our 100th Anniversary enlivens the hearts of all who come together in faith and celebration.

To ensure that this year’s events are a great success, igniting the hearts of our entire parish family with love of God and neighbor, we look to our fellow parishioners to become active participants and volunteers. There are many different areas in which you can become involved. Our parish volunteers are an essential part of bringing our anniversary festivities to life. Volunteers are invited to serve in the following ways:

  • Give of Your Time & Talent: Volunteer on one of our planning committees or participate as an event volunteer. As a volunteer, your unique gifts and talents will help shape our centennial celebrations, and extend the joy of St. Patrick Parish to every member of our parish community.
  • Donate Resources: Help support our many events by donating supplies or services. The combined resources of our generous parishioners make this year’s exciting festivities possible. Do you have the unique ability to provide goods or services that could benefit this year’s events? Contact our parish office to find out how you can help.
  • Join a Clean-up Crew: In addition to the support of our planning committees, we rely on the dedicated efforts of our clean-up crews, which will restore the parish facilities to perfect condition following our anniversary events. Clean-up crew members will be needed in the hours directly following each parish event.
  • Attend Anniversary Events: Equally important to our thriving parish community are the members who simply participate by attending our centennial festivities. Our parish family is dynamic and alive, and we hope to see the smiling faces of each and every parishioner over the course of our anniversary year.
  • Pray for Our Parish:  This year marks a special time for our parish, a momentous milestone during which we will thank God for His many blessings over the past century, and pray that our parish might be granted many graces in the next 100 years. Therefore, we ask all parishioners to join together in fervent prayer for the future of our parish community.

Contact our parish office at 610-647-2345 to find the right volunteer opportunity for you.