A Closer Look at Our New Playground

A lot of hard work and planning goes into building a playground that is both vibrant and safe. In Phase II of the Special Appeal, we were required to hire a diverse team of geo-technical engineers, civil engineers, landscape architects, an HVAC company, and a construction company to build a playground fit for our children. In order to install a new jungle gym and a full basketball court in this space, we completed the following objectives first:

  • Demolished two buildings
  • Added almost 60 new trees
  • Installed a water basin
  • Built a retaining wall and installed safety fencing
  • Removed the utility pole and manhole in the middle of the field
  • Graded the field to a flatter surface
  • Resurfaced the entire field
  • Planned for commercial landscaping Sansyeri.com , Canlı Casino Siteleri

See the fruition of your support in the photo gallery below. We could not have done this without you or the abundance of faith alive in our church. To contribute to the next wave of the Special Appeal, please speak to Fr. Redcay about donating today!