St. Luke Productions: Thérèse – The Story of a Soul, Live Performance

April 15, 2016
07:00 PM / 08:00 PM

About the Performance

Thérèse: The Story of a Soul is a face-to-face encounter with Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, the most beloved saint of modern times. In this live, one-woman performance, Thérèse speaks directly to the audience, with humor, grace and humility.

Performed by actress Audrey Ahern, the script shows an understanding of the insecurities of teenage girls, the fervor of young love, and the fearlessness of sanctity. This delightful drama will be especially moving to our young adult and teen audiences, however everyone will find this story of fearlessness and personal vulnerability inspiring.

The Story of St. Thérèse

St. Thérèse was born in 1873 to a pious middle-class French family. She endured hardship at an early age, as her mother died when she was only four, and just before her 14th birthday she received a vision of the Child Jesus, which inspired her unshakeable faith. As a Carmelite nun Thérèse was known by all for her complete devotion to spiritual development, and at age 22 she began to write down her memories and ideas. With the publication of her memoir, Thérèse, or “The Little Flower,” soon came to mean a great deal to people all over the world.

Thérèse’s honest, direct spirituality speaks powerfully to all with the encouraging message that anyone can find faithful devotion in the small things of every day.

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About St. Luke Productions

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