God’s Night School: “Oremus” and “The Gospel of Matthew”

October 1, 2014
07:00 PM / 09:00 PM

Oremus and The Gospel of Matthew are both offered Wednesday evenings during the Fall 2014 session of God’s Night School. Classes will be held in the Library and Parish Center.

Oremus: A Guide to Catholic Prayer

If you are looking to jump start your prayer life and deepen your communication with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit this is the course for you. Learn to hear the voice of God in your daily life and speak to him as his beloved child.
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The Gospel of Matthew

“Matthew’s Gospel quotes the Old Testament as it speaks of the reign of God, the promise of eternal life, and Jesus’ teaching of the twofold commandment to love God and neighbor. In The Gospel of Matthew, Father Bill Anderson’s conversational instruction style brings Scripture to life, moving us to use God’s Word in prayer through the spiritual discipline of lectio divina.”
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