Consecration of Homes & Families

June 25, 2017

Make your home a place where Our Lord and His Mother are honored, and peace and blessings abound!

In honor of the Feasts of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, our Parish community will invite parishioners to participate in the holy experience of the consecration of their homes and families. Together we will bless and sanctify images of the Sacred Hearts of Mary and Jesus during each Mass and enthrone them in our homes.

The Catholic tradition of Enthronement is a holy act that gives the Sacred Hearts of Mary and Jesus a prominent place of honor in our homes. Through Enthronement we are committing an act of adoration and consecration, and as a result, our homes and families receive graces, blessings and never ending protection.

May your enthroned home be a sanctuary for peace, protection and love!