Advent Triduum Night Two

December 11, 2017
07:00 PM / 08:00 PM

In the Church

As we await the start of the coming Christmas season with spirited calls of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel,” now is the time to ask ourselves: Do we truly know the Savior that we’re about to welcome into our hearts?

To know Him is to love Him, so join us for a three-night series to prepare the Way of the Lord this Advent Season. Each night will focus on a specific way in which you can know Jesus better and nurture your relationship with Him, from Prayer to Reconciliation to Adoration.

Night Two: Following Christ’s Teachings and Confessing Our Sins

Monday, December 11
Presenter: Fr. Matt Guckin

“Why do I need to tell a priest my sins? I just repeat the same things every time.” We’ll dispel myths surrounding Reconciliation and discover the importance of wiping the slate of our souls clean before Jesus.

Reconciliation available following presentation.