Bringing the faith community together through shared experiences and excursions which are fun-filled and enriching.

The Shamrocks arrange bus trips and tours to various educational and exciting locations. Guided by an over reaching mission to support and unify the parish, proceeds from the excursions are donated to St. Patrick’s Parish.

In the past, the organization was known as St. Patrick Women’s Guild. After searching for a new name to fit in the 21st century, the group became the “Shamrocks of St. Patrick Church.” With the new name, their goal is to attract all the new/old members of the parish i.e. Mom, Dad, son, daughter, grandmother, grandfather, parent/guardian, aunt, and uncle to participate in the many events that they have to offer.

Over the years The Shamrocks’ trips have included visits to many states on the eastern seaboard, including the Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. They have traveled to New York City to attend many fabulous theater shows, to ride the ship “Odyssey” while dining and viewing the wonderful skylines of New York City, and to visit Canal Street and the Seaport. They have also traveled to Washington DC to visit the many memorials. In addition they have visited the very quaint old City of Quebec, Montreal, and cathedrals of St. Anne deBeaupre and Notre’ Dame Basilica.

You can find more information in our weekly bulletin about our upcoming planning meetings—stay tuned for our events in the year to come.

Please join our group and volunteer to assist in the selecting of places of interest for our church community. Call Charlotte, 610-644-7923 or Eileen, 610-296-2025.