Our Journey In Prayer As the Beloved

by Fr. Redcay & Fr. Arul

These monthly themes are meant to guide your personal reflection and quiet time with the Father, deepening your understanding and embracing the Love the Father has for you.


What does it mean to be a child, in God’s eyes?
Reflect, during this month, upon the innocence, smallness and dependence of children. Do you recognize your need for God, your littleness in this vast world? Do you know how much the Father wants to care for you?


Beloved, what does that mean?
Reflect upon what it means to be loved without conditions. Do you realize and acknowledge that all you have in life has love as its source? What are some of the ways that the Father’s love is present in your life?


The Father, who is He?
Reflect upon the depth of the Father’s love; He sent His only Son to die for us. Do you realize that the Father wants so much to be close to you that His Son accepted death on a cross? Do you feel that there are times when you know that He has helped to carry a cross in your life….or need Him to?


“You are with me always,” what does that mean?
It was difficult for the Prodigal Son to understand that he was with his Father always. Take some time to examine your life, your failure, your sinfulness and realize that even at those moments, you are a beloved child of the Father. Even when the son squandered his wealth and lived wildly, he was still a beloved child. In your sinfulness, return to the Father.


Can we, as Beloved Children, rest in the arms of the Father?
Take some time this month to rest, relax and be at peace in the arms of God, the Father, whose love knows no limits. Are you able to slow the pace of life enough to feel the peace that comes to those whom the Father loves?


Can I share that love, allowing others to know that they are a beloved child of the Father?
Take time to open your eyes to witness the need for the Father’s love around you. Are you courageous enough to let that love so fill your heart that you desire to share that love with others? Have there been others in your life who have been a source of the Father’s love?